The Leader in Mobile Safety Products

We have become the market leader in mobile surveillance and safety by providing premium quality products and outstanding customer service. Serving the industry since 1988, we are the original creator of Bus-Cam® and Bus-Scan® systems, and have more expertise than any other manufacturer in the field.

What we provide

Mobile Video Recorders

These are the original Bus-Cam® mobile video systems. We have been providing these high-quality products longer than anyone else--since 1991!

We offer the highest quality at the most affordable price. Compare, and you'll see!

Stop Arm Systems

Some companies just place a conventional camera outside, and call it a stop-arm system. Our Hi-res systems have the power to do the job right!





High-Res Cameras

Our High-resolution cameras have wide dynamic range and digital noise reduction. That brings unprecidented image quality and clarity to the mobile environment.

We have a style to fit every application: Bracket-mount, Dome and Outdoor--all with many lens options. All have quick and easy installation!

If you require stop-arm license plate recognition, there is no substitute for our high-resolution systems.

Parking Sensor Systems

Ultrasonic, Multi-zone systems prevent vehicle damage.



Child Reminders

Our Bus-Scan® is the market leader, and here's why:

We've been making this type of product longer than anyone else--since 1996!

The only system that offers a wireless version to save on the cost and time of installation--it is most feature-rich and reliable of them all!

No nuisance false alarms, as with other systems.

Voice Messaging Available!




Specialty Products

Bus-Scan Light Controls

Automatic dome light controls.

Verbal Warning

Safety voice-messaging system is far superior to ambiguous buzzers and tones.


Ensures that students are on the correct bus. From route-checking to auditing, we have a system for your requirements.

Retro-Vue Monitoring

Video protection for the danger zones around vehicles. A large, bright monitor coupled with high-res cameras, gives a driver the essential tools to ensure all-around vehicle safety.